Bring the magic of Christmas to your home, neighborhood, office party, or other event with a visit from a Real Bearded Santa!
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Santa and his Sleigh are available for rental to Malls, Business Promotions, Corporate Parties, City Parades, Christmas Venues and Photo Sessions.

The Sleigh is approximately 70" wide, 14 feet long and almost 7 feet tall. The sleigh has 6" casters that are used to roll / transport the sleigh over hard smooth surfaces and can enter a standard 6 foot wide by 7 foot tall door opening if it is removed from the transport trailer.

The sleigh is transported to the client on a trailer complete with a decorative stairway for the public to easily access the sleigh. The floor of the trailer is covered with a fabric to approximate snow. Typically the sleigh will arrive at a predetermined location, the stairway will be unloaded and connected to the sleigh that is sitting atop the trailer and the snow fabric applied. This process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Santa and his Sleigh are available for visits in Arab, Cullman, Decatur, Madison and Huntsville, Alabama at the rates listed below:

  • ˝ day Rate $ 450.00 (30 min. setup - 3.5 hours with Santa - total time 4 hours.)

  • FULL day Rate $800.00 (30 min. setup - 7.5 hours with Santa - total time 8 hours.)
Availability and rates outside the cities listed above may be obtained by email or phone as listed below. Please note there are additional labor costs associated with removing the sleigh from the trailer if required.

Static Display Rentals refer to usage in an "Interior Christmas Display" where the public is NOT ALLOWED ACCESS TO THE SLEIGH. The sleigh should reside within a roped off perimeter. Security and insurance is required while the sleigh is in the client’s possession. Static Display rentals require a minimum 5 day rental. Please note there are additional labor costs associated with removing the sleigh from the trailer.

Please contact Santa at or by phone 256-586-HOHO (586-4646) for rates and availability

Currently, Santa only has 1 sleigh available for rental so early scheduling for the 2010 Christmas season is essential. Santa will add to his collection of sleighs each year and will be producing sleighs for parade floats.

If your organization is interested in purchasing a Christmas Sleigh Float for Parades or Display contact us at